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In Ask Dave 18, I showed a rubber stamp that I use to create an entry in an ordinary notebook for logging. Gwen Patton, N3GP, has recreated the image of the log stamp for anyone who’d like to recreate the stamp for their own use. Here is the image:

Clear image of my logging stamp for use with any notebook. Thanks Gwen Patton, NG3P.

Here’s the rubber stamp I had made at a local stationery store, sitting on an American 3″ x 5″ card for size comparison.

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7 Responses to Log Stamp Images

  1. Jon says:

    “The Signman” that travels to the major hamfests sells QSL info block stamps on his website.


  2. Mike - K6MKP says:

    I finally got around to ordering a “Casler log stamp.” I used rubberstamps.net and went with a 1″ x 4″ size stamp. That is a little bigger than needed but makes for easy scribbling in the fields of the entry.

  3. Jeff Bauer says:

    Someone forgot an area for the date.

  4. dcasler says:

    You’ll need to look around on the Internet for a rubber stamp provider.

  5. rodney j johnson jr, ka0use says:

    many years ago i used picture postcards and novelty (peanuts characters) cards
    for my qsl cards.
    i took someone’s card to a printshop that also did rubber stamps and had them
    make a same size stamp of the info, including a comment line.

  6. Jason - VK4FJGS says:

    That is a great idea.
    It will have a great old style vintage look as the stamp wears and ages over time.

  7. Donald Rossman says:

    how i can get a logging stamp

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