Lesson 7.3, Bands and Privileges

Here’s your video introduction to Lesson 7.3, Bands and Privileges, from the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual for Technician.

Here’s the (updated 24 Apr 2014) link to the chart shown in the video: here. After you have finished, you may return to the list of lessons here. BTW, the background picture is of some mountains in the Sneffels Range. I took the picture from our back deck.

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2 Responses to Lesson 7.3, Bands and Privileges

  1. Dave says:

    Joel, yes, you are correct. Technician hams have all amateur privileges on 50 MHz and up, including FM, AM, and SSB, plus a number of digital voice techniques. In addition, you can use voice (usually SSB) on 10 meters from 28.3 MHz to 28.5 MHz.

  2. Joel says:


    So am I correct in saying that on the band chart, as a Technician I can transmit by voice on any of bands with the Green bars that have a T at the end (e,g, 23 cm, hypothetically)?

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