Lesson 4.1 Propagation

Here’s your introduction to Lesson 4.1 in the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual.

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2 Responses to Lesson 4.1 Propagation

  1. Dave says:

    Mac, the odd icons are called “avatars.” You can search Google to find the site where you can upload your picture, which then gets tagged with your email address. Then whenever you post on a WordPress-powered site, your picture will (usually) come up. Frankly, I can’t remember the avatar posting site. Perhaps someone else does and can reply to this comment? —Dave, KEØOG

  2. Christopher McKnight says:

    Great classes! I hit the share button and noticed I had a choice of three different pictures that I could post with the shared item, can you tell me what they mean? One is a large M shaped icon and the other looks like a roman blowing a horn? Thanks Mac

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