Kodak Zi8 Joins the Tinkertoy Collection

Last Tuesday I had all sorts of fun with the motorcycle. Kit Cassingham captured some video with her Kodak Zi8. I was so impressed with the quality I researched the camera. It met three criteria: low cost, HD video, and external microphone input. So I bought one.

The following video is pretty tame, using Roxio Creator 2010 Pro’s VideoWave software Cinemagic Production. It takes bits and pieces of video from here and there and makes a fun production. Check it out. Note this can be played 720p for a very nice picture.

Now, I am having one problem. The Zi8 exports .MOV files. Roxio imports the video, but not the audio. Yet when I play the Zi8’s .MOV files in Windows Media Player, QuickTime Pro, or iTunes, the audio is fine. Go figure. Anyone have a solution? The only one I’ve found so far is to export the .MOV track, capture just the audio, then glue it back to the original .MOV file using VideoWave. Really stupid! UPDATE: I found the solution on a Roxio bulletin board. Simply change the file extension to .mp4 and all works as it should!

I plan to use this for some live-action motorcycle photography. If the weather clears up, that is. Too cold today, not to mention the mud everywhere.

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