KE0OG Health Update

Still recovering from bad episode of gastroinstestinal bleeding. Very anemic at the moment, on oxygen, at home, but trying to walk more than 10 feet leaves me exhausted and completely out of breath. Had 3 units of blood last week. Will try every week to do livestream on Thursday evening, US time, 7pm Mountain standard time. 73, Dave, KEØOG

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  1. George Young says:

    Dave, Best wishes for recovery.
    George Young
    NW Houston

  2. dcasler says:

    Congratulations on your license. I hope you’re on the air. Regarding my health, I am under the active care of a pulmonologist for my exertion-initiated asthma. Thank you for your concern & 73!

  3. William Goodson says:

    Every since I graduated college (1969) I have thought I would get my ham license. Never did. March of 2020 my son pushed me to get my license. In April I got my license and started watching many YouTube videos. In August 2020 I passed my Extra.
    I have found that I have watched many many hours of your videos, and enjoyed most.
    The video on the assembly of the antennas 73 7 band cobweb made me worry about you. I did not enjoy that.

    I wish you the best. Get well soon.

  4. Robert Black says:

    Hi Dave. I enjoyed your video addressing antennas. You had mentioned that if measuring SWR with the coax, that it will make the SWR appear better than it really is. I find it interesting that most of the videos that I see with the MFJ series antenna analyzers that they measure with the coax attached. This has caused me to wonder how in the world does one measure the antenns without coax attached when it is elevated above grouns. So… It appears that it could be possible to have an excellent VSWR that is not real. Can you address this. Thanks.

    Robert (Bob) Black

  5. Steven Douglass says:

    Best luck getting over this. I recently read that unlike gorillas, man does not have the enzyme to be able to turn the food we eat into.vitamin C, leaving us all deficient.
    I am a reporter, not an MD & have recently learned about the jdea that vitamin megadosing above the RDA levels will at a minimum make us feel better and at a maximum, has been.used to cure breast cancer in one case.
    Steve Douglass, KB1DJW

  6. dcasler says:

    I’m getting better. Thanks for your concern.

  7. I’ll echo what others have already said-
    I just passed my Tech exam today and have enjoyed your videos immensely.
    The change in your appearance is dramatic and sent me searching online to find what’s goin’ on. I’m sorry to hear about your health difficulties, and hope that if you’ve narrowed the problem down you can resolve it and get back to peak health.
    Keep a positive attitude, Dave.

  8. Robert - W1RMW says:

    Dave –
    Im a new ham, testing for my General license just last October. I discovered you and your videos to be a great resource for preparing to take exam.

    Just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank You for all that you have done to give back to the amateur radio community. I truly hope you feel better soon!

    God bless you and 73,
    Robert – W1RMW

  9. Robert says:

    Dave –
    Im a new ham, testing for my General license just last October. I discovered you and your videos to be a great resource for preparing to take exam.

    Just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank You for all that you have done to give back to the amateur radio community. I truly hope you feel better soon!

    God bless you and 73,
    Robert – W1RMW

  10. blake el-ramey says:

    hi dave
    i just started researching/learning about ham radios and came across your site.
    very concerned to hear of your physical issues.
    our whole family has a history of gastrointestinal issues.
    my cousin who is a neurologist suggested this book and it changed my life.
    i almost died from taking acid reducers like tagamet, zantac, pepcidAC so i can appreciate your problems.
    hope you recover and we will say a prayer for you.
    God speed

  11. Joe Funsch says:

    Well, hope you’re feeling better by now. Have watched your YouTube videos and often reference back to them when I try a new antenna or radio trick. Decided I was going after my HAM Extra and thought of your videos first hand. Just ordered your videos “on a stick” (so I don’t have to put up with the commercials). ARRL Extra Study Guide in the mail already. must thank you for the HAM Support you do. So, “thank you”.

    Have a Merry Christmas & Hopefully a better New Year.

    My Regards,

  12. Fred M. Jacobs, MD, JD says:

    Dave, sorry to hear. bout your health issues. Some advice from an old but very experiencef doctor. Listen only to your own doctor who knows and understands your condition. Do NOT listen to amateur experts who may be well meaning but are usually jyst nit qualified to offer any medical advice at all. 73 kc2pk

  13. Richard Paige says:

    Pleased to see you got the Isotron. Mine , again, is in the attic at 21′. One question you answered on 12/17 was best antenna for the attic, some folks have metal in the roof or metal lined and then the Isotron will not work. Might you try it up 21′ outdoors as a comparison to mine indoors? Longest west contact, 2000 miles, AK. East to NH, RI, all over Canada and 1500 miles south into Mexico.

    You did not mention a Butterfly Broadband terminated dipole which is what I have in the attic.
    So far have worked Japan and Spain, 100W with my TS590SG. If you Google the BBTV there is a good video, his has 66′ legs while mine has 55′ legs. Also his balun and resistor are no longer available as that supplier has gone out of business but Palomar Engineers has both but the resistor is 1000K. The 16:1 balun is not cheap. The balun is up 21′ to the attic peak, almost.

    Now for a question. My smoke alarm, electrically powered with battery back up chirps on most frequencies. Ferrites have no effect. I have heard that a 450-1000pF capacitor on the main unit might work, thoughts?

    One more thing. I used the 10 meter Isotron during the 10 meter contest with comparable results to the dipole. Also the 15 meter with the same result. Anxious to see what the 6 meter will do in comparison once I catch a band opening.


  14. Steven Douglass KB1DJW says:

    I am not an MD. I never played one on TV. I am a 70 YO. ex – tv & radio tech, a cook and a reporter.
    I have some information that could help should you choose to buy consume some vitamins. Unlike gorillas, man does not have the ability to metabolize vitamin c from the foods we eat, in the amount necessary to keep us healthy. Over time that deficit can increase and disallow our cells from performing the functions necessary to keep us healthy.
    I do not know what you have, but there is a lot of sickness floating around in the air that masks and distancing will not solve.
    There is a new concept since the RDAs came out in the 1940s to stop Beri Beri, Pellagra Scurvy and Rickets named megadosing. Even when the RDAs were introduced, based on my research they were never intended to cover containing the diseases of today.
    However, Carole Baggerly, a high tech exec, was able to stop her breast cancer by increasing the vitamin D3 in her blood serum from 20 to 60-80. Like the old PSA used to say, “Drugs cant help you, if you don’t take them right.”

    To prevent m e from being infected by the current CoVid plague, I am taking:
    2_5000 IU doses of A,
    4_b-complexes 4 X a day,
    17 grams of Vitamin C a day in 4 doses,
    2_5000 IU doses of vitamin D3,
    2_400 mg of vitamin E
    3_50 mg Zinc tabs
    CO Q 10 is Good
    A K2-MK4 to put the calcium into my teeth and bones but not my arteries
    I have been juicing and drinkingfresh fruit and vegetables like tomato apples cukes and carrots.
    Recently I got an email from a guru of mine, Joe Mercola, MD. He is suggesting a half a teaspoon dissolved into a cup of water will help alkalize the covid, if this is what you are dealing with. At 4:38 into this video, this lady talks about using it during the 1918 flu.

    I am up in grand Junction.
    If I can make a call for you, to get Amazon to deliver you these vitamins, please let me know.

    Best of luck

  15. David Vine says:

    Try to have a good Thanksgiving and I wish you all the best. I look forward to your speedy recovery.

  16. Bob Taylor says:

    Don’t push it. Get healthy and come back when you are ready.

    Best wishes from ex-Glendalian and Hoover ’66 grad, Bob.

  17. Linda Reagan says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself! 🙏🙏🙏

  18. Andrew Cowley says:

    Sorry to hear you have not been great
    My tough are with you and your family.

    Git well soon my friend

    De 2e0ree
    Andy cowley 73

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