Is Skybeam Incompetent?

I continue to have trouble with Skybeam, my Internet Service Provider. I called again today and was given the same status that I’ve been given for a month: it’s been assigned to someone who is actively working it. Really?

As nicely as I could, I told the tech support person that words like “astounded they can’t fix this problem in a month” and “incompetent” come to mind.

Here’s the deal. I have their 7 Mbps service, which actually means (in their interpretation—this is a non-standard interpretation) that I get 5 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up. Sometime in the first week in December, 2011, this was reversed, meaning 2 down and 5 up. I’ve been calling in every few days to see what the status is. The plain fact is that someone updated a parameter somewhere and it’s causing this problem not just for me, but for other customers in the area. (I know this for a fact—I spoke at length with one who’s being given the same non-answer I’m getting. Skybeam has also told me that this affects several customers in my area. And, yes, they’ve looked at the configuration of my telephone adapter, which also serves as my home router, and the radio up on the roof. A Skybeam service representative has been to my home twice, both times telling me it’s a “network problem” and something he can’t fix.) My service acts just like it should for a healthy link: low ping times, good VoIP telephone service (I use Skybeam’s offering), and few outages. But, the downlink limits me to 2 Mbps, just as it would if that’s were all I was paying for. But that’s not what I’m paying for. (For completeness I add that they’ve comped me a couple months.)

A month to find a stupid configuration error like this? Good grief! There aren’t that many pieces of equipment between me and where Skybeam hooks into the larger internet.

I live in a very rural area. I’m grateful that Skybeam provides Internet service. But I do lots of stuff over the web and 2 Mbps is simply inadequate. I can’t even watch my own YouTube videos without pausing them and waiting several minutes for them to load enough to play.

Until early December I recommended Skybeam. Several people started Skybeam service at my recommendation. Now I am pointing people away from Skybeam to whatever alternative they can find. At the moment I can’t find an appropriate alternative. The moment I do so, I plan to jump ship.

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8 Responses to Is Skybeam Incompetent?

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Jennifer, I confess I don’t know what the Internet Service Provider situation is in your area. All I can suggest is asking friends. Sorry.

  2. Jennifer Butler says:

    Thinking of installing Skybeam….but hesitating. We have 4 kiddos, tons of online homework, and no one does unlimited minutes where we live in Franktown. We have Hughesnet now, which is fine- except its expensive and not nearly enough internet minutes. Anyone know of any other companies? All the majors offer small data packages that my kids would use w/one assignment! My hubby/I gave up internet at home- so its not like we live on the computer- but this is so maddening! We live right by Castlewood Canyon- not super rural…but with the limited services here…it sure feels like it!

  3. Lynette says:

    SkyBeam on the Western Slope are the WORST!! Poor connection – very sporadic, very slow and most of the time unable to connect to their towers. Their support staff are rude, not helpful and too lazy to deal with problems with customers. Do not recommend them at al!!

  4. nate says:

    I’m having stupid amounts of issues with SkyBeam. It goes down on Monday, seems to come back magically by Wednesday. It only seems to come up once I’ve requested speaking to a supervisor over the phone.

    The wait times on the phone are horrid. I think I’ve spent a grand total of 12 hours on hold with them. Have to head to a starbucks to use the phone since where I live there’s also no cell tower near by.

    I need to hunt down another provider in rural Texas at this rate. I can’t deal with how often the internet goes down as I make my living as a remote worker.

  5. Carol Lynn says:

    I have SUFFERED with Skybeam only sense January.,. When the techs came to install one of the techs who was in the computer room where my 14 pound dog went in to follow him to see what he was doing he kicked her when she yelped and i said izzy whats the matter. he goes oh i accidently stepped on her i said why did you not tell me that when she yelped?? Called in to complain.. right .. yeah that was a joy they seemed to be totally on myside.wait rest of this comming up.. YOU Are NOT gonna belive it.. Have had issues with connection speed socket closed slow speeds pinging in at 22 up to 41 1.42 mbs kept calling in yada yada yada,….. well had an appointment set for a tech to come here monday and if you GUESSED it was the same tech that accidently stepped on my dog you win the big prize .. I called in to tell them that this was BS and was told i would get a call back spoke to Christin who was one of the Managers there said she would get a supervisor out here to check out what was going on sense the Tech said i was pulling all 5s yeah right there in front of him i came on and pulled a 1.42 told him he was full of **it and right away was on the phone before he was out the door… Have less then 24 hours before my modem arrives from another provider … MY advise do not get SKYBEAM go with netzero comcast century link hughes who ever else is out there there are a grip of providers

  6. Greg says:

    I had the same problem with SKYBEAM. Suffered until I found Kellin Communications ( With Skybeam I was getting .5 to .75 down – paying for 5. With Kellin I get 6-8 down for the same price. I live in Elizabeth so not sure if they have towers in your area. The only other choice I have in my area is SAT or dial-up – both unacceptable. SAT way over priced and dial-up, well don’t have to explain that one.

  7. braathwaate says:

    I am considering signing up with Skybeam and so I was searching the web for reviews and came across your post. I have 1.5/0.896 DSL. My DSL constantly retrains (several times a day) often at lower rates and the tech support people are unable to fix it. So even your problem Skybeam connection is far superior to mine.

    I used to have Keyon before DSL. Keyon was bought out by Skybeam, but they changed the network technology, so I am hoping it works better. My neighbor claims it does. So I will get them out to my place for a site survey and see what they can give me.

    When I had a router problem with Keyon, I discovered that no one knew how to program the router, but because they have multiple routers, you might be able to ask if they can move you to a different router. That worked for me.

  8. Harry says:

    Yep. Same thing with me. I have a 3 Mb connection package, but I only get 0.25. What are you going to do with 0.25 Mbits? The service reps are useless. I’ve been trying to get this fixed for a week, and I’ve spoken with five different people. I truly wish I had an alternative, but like you, I live in the middle of nowhere. I think they know there’s nothing we can do but [complain], brother.

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