iOS5-Related Links from John Clark

John Clark is our local “macdoktor.” See his site at He sent some links about iOS5 for Apple’s various mobile devices as a followup to a class he taught recently. (His classes are excellent and highly-recommended!) I’m parking them here for anyone who wants to use them.

First, here’s a few links to some catch-all articles that cover a lot of the little details mentioned today:

Way at the bottom of the second link above, they mention the keyboard short feature found in iOS 5. I [John] meant to mention this, as it’s really one of the most powerful features in the new OS. Here’s a link that covers that feature in more detail:

Next, I mentioned a few apps, but here’s a more comprehensive list:

Dragon Dictation:
Dragon Go!:!/id442975871?mt=8
Quick Office Pro (iPhone):
Quick Office Pro HD (iPad):
My-Cast (weather):
WeatherBug (iPad):
iMDb (Internet Movie Database):
Photosynth (amazing panoramic photo tool):
Overdrive Media Console (for accessing ebooks/audiobooks from some public librarys, like Montrose):

Then, here’s the article that covers the trick I mentioned about creating your own ringtones:

And lastly, for those of you with an iPhone 4S (or getting one soon?), this page covers a bunch of Siri-specific tips:

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