Installing FLDIGI for amateur radio digital modes: AD#26

FLDIGI installation and connections to your radio. FLDIGI is free software that amateur radio operators can use for digital modes such as PSK-31, RTTY, Olivia, and so on. The video covers downloading and installation on a Windows machine, plus setting up the audio levels for your radio and how the software can control your radio.

You can go to the FLDIGI home page by clicking here.

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2 Responses to Installing FLDIGI for amateur radio digital modes: AD#26

  1. David Casler says:

    Allen, there are many digital modes in ham radio. Look at the Ask Dave playlist on YouTube. You’ll see several videos on digital modes.

  2. Hi Dave. Love your videos!

    I’ve had my General ticket since 2003, but have never really gotten off the ground on getting on the air. I love the idea of building radio kits and antennas, but I don’t like talking on a telephone, so I’m not motivated about SSB. I like the idea of CW, but taking a long time to get proficient in Morse. I like internet chat sessions, so my question is, is there a digital mode (RTTY?) I can interface my PC to on a CW only QRP radio kit? I’ve searched and searched the Internet, but cannot find any definitive answer. I’m inclined to think digital modes are available on SSB radios only.

    Please advise. And thanks!


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