Icom IC-7300 Review Notes

Yesterday I posted a review of the Icom IC-7300, Ask Dave #201, which you can see on YouTube (click here).

Here are my review notes, written on my 79-year-old typewriter.

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4 Responses to Icom IC-7300 Review Notes

  1. Randy Williamson says:

    You need a new ribbon for your Smith-Corona ! 😊

    73 KE0TNG

  2. David says:

    Dave you might want to look at some of KOPIRs videos. He is well up to speed with all the Icom port settings for rig control and interface with PC apps via USB. His videos were a life saver for me! GM4GLG

  3. Harry Rundall says:

    Your video and comments were timely. I had just received my new ICOM 7300. I will spend the next couple of weeks setting up my generation 4 station. From my old boatanchor days in 1962 to this new HF SDR radio based transceiver to get back on the air as a new Amateur Extra Class. Good job.

    73’s AC3EK

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