ICOM 9100—New HF/VHF/UHF Radio

Icom has added the ICOM 9100 to its lineup. Physically, it looks very much like the new ICOM 7410, but has added capabilities at VHF and UHF (and with an optional extra, 1.2 GHz). The radio is clearly intended for serious satellite work. It has two receivers, but that doesn’t mean two receivers on HF at the same time. HRO lists it for $3,799.95 and it is expected to appear by early April. I’ve modified my ICOM model lineup to include the 9100.

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3 Responses to ICOM 9100—New HF/VHF/UHF Radio

  1. Rob says:

    one feature of the 9100, and the 7100 is that you can do the digital mode called D-STAR over HF. Only these two radios can do that AFAIK. It’s interesting because you can use D-RATS over HF, doing text messaging, sending emails, exchanging pictures and other files. Also, since only owners of 9100 and 7100 radios can decode your QSO, you have a little protection from the 75m cowboys.
    K7ODB 73 DE Verdi, Nevada

  2. David Casler says:

    Roger, check with DX Engineering. They can supply the necessary hardware to do what you want.

  3. Roger Coon says:

    I am wanting to mount a VHF/UHF Ham antenna (probably a Slime-Jim) on the ‘Side’ of a Rohn Tower about half way up. Can this be done? How far away from the tower should it be and how will this affect the radiation pattern? The very top is too crowded with other antennas and equipment.

    Love your Youtube Videos

    Roger AE5FP

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