IC-7300 Firmware Update Charts

Here are the charts from Ask Dave 378 about updating the firmware on the Icom IC-7300. The charts can be found (PDF) by clicking here.

Here’s the video:

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2 Responses to IC-7300 Firmware Update Charts

  1. Alan Wild says:

    I found an important omission in your wonderful ic7300 firmware update video when it would not install:
    Greetings Alan,
    Thank you for contacting Icom America.
    Please reference step #8 on page 15-5 of the IC-7300 Full Manual. Note: that the manual shows the last pressing of “YES” is different from the other presses and is as follows: “After you read and agree with all the precautions, touch [YES] for 1 second .”
    I instruct everyone to translate a 1 second press to Press and Hold till the function starts then release. I notice Dave made no mention of this in his video and if you followed him to the letter you will get the results you describe.
    So press and hold the last YES till the update starts should resolve your issue.
    Answer Link: IC7300 Instruction Manuals

  2. Terry says:

    Dave, you need to press the YES option for a couple of seconds. Thanks for the video. As you probably know that there are similar updates for the 9700 and 705.

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