IBM Turns 100—very cool video retrospective

I first joined IBM in 1983, was part of the transition from IBM to Loral and then Lockheed in 1994, came back to IBM in 1999, and continue to be proud to be an IBMer. This 30-minute video, prepared by IBM as part of IBM’s Centennial year celebrations—yes, IBM is a hundred years old!—provides some outstanding reasons why. I’ve had some awesome experiences with the company, including research to be coinventor on two patents, and look forward to much more. Oh…and those IBM PCs shown in the video? I purchased one and found that I’d moved from a toy computer (Radio Shack Model 1—very cool in many ways) to a real computer for serious work. That PC, together with some software, cost me $2500 in 1984! And that was at the employee price! Ah, the stories I could tell….

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