I rode the Galloping Goose!

Galloping Goose #4 rides the rails again! I had the wonderful and rare opportunity to ride the restored Goose today. It’s been on display in Telluride, Colorado, and last ran 58 years ago. The Ridgway Railroad Museum started the restoration three years ago. Initially they were going to do a cosmetic restoration, but decided to go ahead and do a complete mechanical restoration as well. This video shows several of the restorers taking their turn operating the beauty. They have about 60 feet of track laid down, so the ride isn’t long, but it was sure exciting to be part of this historic event! For more information about the restoration, see this page at the Ridgway Railroad Museum’s website. The museum publishes a book about narrow gauge railroading in the San Juan Mountains (Southwestern Colorado), which you can find at this location on the Mt. Sneffels Press website. It has several pages devoted to the Galloping Geese.

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