How to Set Up for Digital Modes: Ask Dave Episode 25

Ham radio operators are having great fun with digital modes! These include “conversational modes” designed for hams to converse over the air, keyboard-to-keyboard. Many of these modes involve the use of a computer soundcard. This video shows how to set up your station and provides a little history, too. Join the digital revolution!

Thank you for watching my videos! My channel, “Ham Radio Answers,” is here to help you become an active, on-the-air amateur radio operator! I am unique in that I provide the only set of YouTube training videos that accompany the ARRL license manuals, section for section. I try hard to answer every Ask Dave question.

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3 Responses to How to Set Up for Digital Modes: Ask Dave Episode 25

  1. Nelson MIRANDA says:

    That was sorry way to make a comment, particularly coming from a ham. ‘Inept’? Really Lee…dude? I am going to recommend you polish up on courtesy and people skills. Have a great day.

  2. David Casler says:

    I don’t do podcasts. I have a YouTube live stream on Saturday mornings. I’m sad to hear people might be using it or my videos inappropriately. However, I am powerless to do anything about it.

  3. Lee KI7SS says:

    Your podcast was heard jamming the 7.283.5 net, broadcasting music, etc. Either you were inept in management of your radio, or someone’s rebroadcasting you. Could you stop for a bit and check your equipment? Thanks.

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