How to get the latest Brandmeister DMR database for your Anytone D878UV

Oggie Roger Shults, KE4BFG, provides two helpful links. The first is a tool to download the latest DMR database from Brandmeister, and the second is a video that describes how to use it. If you use this tool frequently, you’ll always have the latest database.



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  1. Al Pawlowski says:

    Saw your latest utube video on MFJ-1788. Just so happens, I am using both a home-brew cobweb and MFJ-1788 as my main antennas and doing mostly FT8 these days. Last year I used the MFJ vertically with a small rotator. This year I use use MFJ horizontally with no rotator – I needed the rotator for a couple of beams. Your comparison (cobweb vs MFJ) matches my experience. My cobweb is 20m – 6m, no 40 or 30 elements and is right next to the loop, but at about 2 foot lower elevation (see QRZ page photo). The MFJ elevation is about 14ft above ground. I use the MFJ for 40 and 30, the cobweb for 20 and 17. It is a toss up for 15m – usually the MFJ is better, sometimes the cobweb. MFJ is almost always better on 17.

    FWIIW, I could tx farther with some directional capability with the MFJ vertically. Horizontally, the tx is slightly weaker and almost omni directional – MFJ in same spot at same height with same lead in coax. Though the beeper works, my MFJ tuner also does not beep when passing swr min so tuning is all manual. The tuner may have been mod’d sometime though as it has a number of added pcb jumper wires – I got it on eBay separately from the loop.

    Both antennas seem reasonable good to me though. Except for 40m, I get all around the Pacific rim and into Africa fairly on the greyline (+/-) and 100w these days – it was much less
    greyline dependent only a year ago.

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