How to Buy Technician Videos on DVD

My Technician training videos are available on DVD for $30, postpaid in the USA. Use this PayPal button to purchase. Note that the purchase is made through Mt. Sneffels Press and after the purchase you’ll be taken to that site. YOU WILL BE RETURNED TO THIS PAGE after purchase or if you cancel your order before placing it. Be sure to read the text after the button.

Withdrawn. Videos are being updated.

A few points:

  • The Technician set of videos is contained on three physical DVDs. When you order a single set, you get all three.
    • Disc 1: Sections 1 through 5
    • Disc 2: Sections 6 through 8
    • Disc 3: Sections 9 and 10
  • I don’t have any fancy pictures on the physical DVD discs. They’re marked rather simply, in fact.
  • Sorry, but I must charge sales tax for Colorado addresses.
  • Please note that these videos are an adjunct to the ARRL training manual, not a substitute for it!
  • Many of the Tech videos are available in High Definition (HD) on YouTube. These DVDs have reduced resolution for the simple reason that they’re DVDs, not Blu-Ray. Even so, a single set of Tech DVDs consists of three DVDs.
  • Although I make the videos available for free on YouTube, I still hold the copyright. You are NOT authorized to further distribute the videos in any form or method.
  • The videos are still free, even on DVD. The cost covers burning the DVDs as well as shipping and handling.
  • Please note that the videos specifically accompany V2 of the ARRL License Manual for Tech. However, since I don’t teach the test, and since the new version of the license manual follows the same outline as the old, they are still helpful.
  • I may at some point re-create these videos with updated production standards, similar to those used on the Amateur Extra training videos and the Ask Dave videos. But I will leave these old videos up on YouTube for reference.

That said, I’d enjoy your feedback about the DVDs, which can influence how they’re packaged in the future. I’m particularly interested in how these videos are used in classroom training.

Good luck with your studying!