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(You may have been directed here from You’ve landed on my ham radio home page. I’m KEØOG, an Extra-Class ham radio operator. I’m active on HF, 2-meters, and 440 MHz. I use this page as an index to ham-radio-related material on this site.

What is ham radio? Watch this video from the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)

Current Geomagnetic Conditions for HF Bands

This chart shows various geomagnetic indicies and what the sun looks like now. These indicies show what HF propagation is like right now. You can use data like this to help you find a good HF band for operations. You can refresh this page to get the latest data.

Courtesy Paul, N0NBH,

Becoming a ham radio operator

How I do it (which will be different from the way you do it, but it’s sometimes nice to have something to compare to)

Getting on HF with your General Class License – a look at station necessities

Special Techniques

Computer Issues


On-the-air Activities on the Colorado Western Slope

LDS (Mormon) Church ham-related activites

235 Responses to My Ham Radio Home Page

  1. Gary Backlund says:

    Hi Dave,
    We found a copy of your “Fox Hunt” book at the Sunnyvale, California Ham Radio Outlet and the four of us read it out loud to each other in the evenings as a family activity. We have now passed it on to the other members of our HAM club located in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. It was a fun read and we really enjoyed it.
    VE7 GTB

  2. Dave says:

    Hi Mel, your best bet, of course, is a dipole or inverted vee. Perhaps you can get a local ham club to help. Short of that, you might look at the Buddipole antennas. They’re quite portable. Your KX3 is only a few watts, so combining that with a small, compromise antenna could be challenging. Also MFJ makes an antenna that can be connected to a balcony rail. Good luck and 73!

  3. Mel Leader says:

    Earlier today I published some thoughts about my need for help on an antenna to get my KX3 on the air. I’ll shorten it. I am Mel Leader, KB0QFP, in Colorado Springs, beginning work on my Extra. Appreciate your excellent videos. I’m 84 not very mobile because of a stroke four years ago. I live in a one level house, with a concrete patio with steel railings on three sides. My need is a simple antenna that I can set up and handle myself. In 1951 until 1955 I was a Navy ET (no digital gear, only vacuum tubes) so dealing with the KX3 is a real challenge and not mastered yet. Appreciate your suggestions on an antenna. Thank you, Mel

  4. Curtis Weeman says:

    I wanted to thank you for all the time and effort that went into those great videos.
    I watched them all multiple times. and passed my Extra class exam Last night.

  5. Aaron says:

    Earned my Extra class this week! Thanks again for the videos.


  6. Dave says:

    Hi Rob, I’m glad you found the videos helpful. Once I finish the Amateur Extra videos, I will reassess. The Tech videos need refreshing. Also, I want to improve the production values and rearrange the presentations. My goal is to teach more than the test, but also provide a deeper understanding of what’s going on. Regarding the UK license, I haven’t seen any videos, but I’ll keep an eye out for them. 73, Dave

  7. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the videos. I know they took alot of work to make. I found them after I took my tech and general, I am using them now as a refresher and to study for my Extra.

  8. Rob, M6KOT / K1TAN says:

    First off, thanks for the credit for finding NS6T’s azimuthal map (full credit goes to the actual creator, of course).

    Second, thank you for posting the license class walkthroughs. Although I only currently have my Tech ticket (and UK Foundation ticket), I’ve ordered, and am awaiting, my ARRL General book and have already watched your General Class videos. I’ve even progressed to watching the Extra Class videos.

    Next, in addition to the “walkthrough” videos have you considered at all doing actual classes for the various license levels? To clarify, more along the lines of helping us “learn for the hobby” as opposed to “learning for the test” if that makes any more sense.

    Lastly, despite looking all around Google and YouTube I have been unable to find any videos for progressing through the UK licenses like you have graciously produced for US progression. Are you aware of any?

    Thanks for taking the time to read, think and respond!

    Rob, M6KOT / K1TAN

  9. james says:

    Thank you for a wonderful video series. i studied for my Technician class along with your videos for about a month and passed first time around with 100% passing score and completed the test in 12 minutes. My VEC team was blown away.
    Studying for general which i will attend this summer and may also go for extra so i may share my knowledge with younger Hams such as myself.
    Thanks again, hope to QSL and 73!

  10. David Peters says:

    Hi David just wanted to drop you a note after using your videos and the ARRL EXTRA CLASS MANUAL which I had from the library I just wanted to say thank you for you and your videos I just passed my Extra class test this past Saturday 21/March/2015 so jst wanted to drop a note of thanks for you and your excellent videos de DAVID PETERS KB9EWG/AE

  11. Amos Kirk says:

    Thanks for creating your ham radio videos. I just passed my Technician test yesterday, and am now studying for the General. Your videos added a visual element that can’t be provided to visual/tactile learners like myself can’t get from a book. Thanks!

  12. Dave says:

    The Baofeng uv5r-2 works on two bands: 2 meters (144-148 MHz) and 70 cm (420-450 MHz). I agree that a radio can be quite confusing the first time! My suggestion would be to contact a local ham club (see here) and ask if others in the club have the same radio. Good luck!

  13. Dave says:

    I’m sure that will be possible. Please suggest times available to you by using my contact form here.

  14. Joe KB3LUE says:

    Mr. Casler: The veterans here at Ohio Veterans Home formed a ham club and would like to know if you would do a ten or fifteen minute talk via skype or youtube on how and why ham radio is important to you. Thank you.

  15. Martin Cooper says:


    Along with all previous posts to your website, YouTube, etc., I would like to add my many thanks and appreciation for all the time, effort and work you have put into your video training sessions.

    I decided on Jan 1st this year to upgrade to Extra Class. After a brief search on the Internet for material and YouTube for assistance I was fortunate enough to find your videos and subsequently your website. I obtained my Tech + license back in 1988 and upgraded to General in early 2000.. My main purpose at that point was to have access to Winlink on my sailing excursions. After taking delivery of a replacement boat and starting the process of installing my ICOM802 I decided to upgrade and take a more serious look at Amateur Radio as a hobby. Your enthusiasm has been very infectious and I am pleased to say that I passed my Extra exam last night – with ease… in large part due to you. I will see where this hobby takes me but am now looking forward to spending more time on the air.

    Again, thanks for your help.
    formerly (KE4AOJ) now ???

  16. David Robinson says:

    I passed my Tech exam and waiting for my License to post. I have a Baoefeng uv5r-2 radio and how do I put in the 6, 2, 1.25, 70, 33, 23 meters? Book study and actually holding the radio are two different animals.

  17. Dave says:

    Craig, good luck in your studies. I recommend putting off a purchase decision until you have your license in hand. In the process of preparing for the test you’ll discover things that may change your decision on equipment. I recommend that a ham’s first radio be relatively simple. 73, Dave

  18. Craig says:

    As someone completely new to the world of Ham radio I found your Intro to Technician level video series extremely helpful and insightful. I so appreciate you putting those together and making them available to us non-engineer types. They are a big help. I actually watched the videos first prior to reading the book. Looking forward to my studies and getting my license. I think the Yaseu FT-60R HT looks like a solid first purchase. Would you agree? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  19. Dave says:

    Hi Keith. A number of people have requested a playlist. I shall have to dig in and see how that’s done. In the meantime, the complete list of General videos is at

  20. Keith (KE4UCW) says:

    Hi Dave,

    Just a request, I’m starting to study General Class so your videos are great. I can work and watch as well as just watch as needed. A big help would be if you had a play list for each of the license classes.

    Would be just a click and go.

    Thanks for the training source.


  21. Joe Paluh says:

    Dave: Came across your videos on Youtube and gong to be taking my Extra next Month in Feb. 2015. Thank you! Joe, KB3LUE.

  22. Dave says:

    Jim, thanks for the kind words. I’ve been improving the production values a bit at a time with each video. When I get done with the Amateur Extra videos, I’ll go back and redo the Tech for the updated question pool. 73, Dave

  23. Dave says:

    See The video explains the process.

  24. vance m says:

    i need some avice on get my ham thay hate cb er were i live can you email me were i can ask you a few thang

  25. Jim says:

    After years of “someday I’m gonna do that” I buckled down recently and studied for my ticket. Your videos were extremely helpful! I appreciate not only the subject material you present so well, but having done quite a bit of media production, I really appreciate the high production quality of the videos you create as well. This past week, I paid my $15, and passed the technician exam, then passed the general exam, and since I had no reason not to try, I took the amateur extra exam as well, even though I hadn’t studied for that one at all. I didn’t pass it, but I did score 26 out of 50, so I feel like with some study and preparation, I can go back soon and successfully complete that one as well. You can be sure that I’ll be watching you extra series videos, and I’m anxiously awaiting them to be completed. Thanks again. I hope to catch you on the radio one of these days!

  26. jason says:

    Great videos I was able to get my tech and then generals with the help of your videos in less then a year and planning on extra next year.My 9 year old son was able to get his tech with your videos as well and hope the wife will follow. thanks alot. jason kd8ymd 73s

  27. Dave says:

    Barrett, thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you found the videos useful. 73, Dave

  28. Barrett says:


    No questions – just a great big thank you for the vast amounts of knowledge and time you’ve poured into your videos. I sat for the Tech last month, the General last week, and am hoping to have a /AE by tomorrow night. The background and context you provide have served as the latticework that connects the information the ARRL guides provide to the real world.

    I don’t see the Extra as the finish line, but rather the trail head for what I hope to be a long, curious journey. Thanks again for helping get me there…

    Hope to bump into you on the air or the trails someday!

    Barrett / KG5DZD

  29. Dave says:

    You’re welcome!

  30. Gary N8RAN says:

    Thank you Dave. Your videos helped me get my upgrade to the General’s License this past weekend. I got a perfect score on the test. I’m going through your Extra class license videos now, hoping to do the same for the next test. Thanks again, 73s, Gary

  31. Kyle N4NSS says:

    I found your training site and thought there was no need to re-invent the wheel so I’m linking to your site from mine. Hope that is OK. Thanks for such a great job. 73, Kyle N4NSS

  32. Dave says:

    Nick, thanks for the kind words. I’m retired now, so I have more time to work on them. And, yes, they do take time—lots of it! Regarding the radials, assuming you’re talking about a ground-mounted vertical, the answer is that the length is not critical—make them as long as you can up to about a quarter wavelength at the lowest frequency. If you don’t have space for that, just make them as long as you can. Conventional wisdom seems to be that about 30 radials is a good idea if you can do that many. That’s a lot of wire! If you can only do ten, then that’s the right number! I’m currently renovating a Butternut HF-9V antenna, a ground-mounted multi-band vertical, and I’m increasing the number of radials from eight to 32. I don’t know how well it works, but I suspect it’ll be much better than the poor installation I had before. Good luck! BTW, if you’re mounting the vertical in the air, such as on a rooftop, then you will want resonant radials, at least two on each band (although the 40-meter radials will also take care of the 15-meter band). I once roof-mounted a Hy-Gain 14AVQ and put up four radials: two for 40m/15m, and two for 10m. I had good results. 73!

  33. Nick says:

    great lessons on YouTube- Where do you get the time?
    My real question is – Can you provide any thoughts on the length of radials?
    I understand the more the better and spacing concepts, but if you have a broad band antenna what are your thoughts on the length for each band or does it not matter if they are all long enough?

  34. Keith, W1HEC says:

    Dave – Thanks for posting these WONDERFUL ham radio training videos! I wish that they were around when I was preparing for my Technician and General licenses. I am now using them to prepare for the Extra exam.

    I don’t have any questions – yet. But, I wanted to let you know that the videos are appreciated.

    73 – Keith

  35. Dave says:

    Hi Dany, I have almost no experience with HF mobile, but you can check out Lew French’s station, included in the video found by clicking here.

  36. kv4wb says:

    Hi Dave –

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your ham radio video series. I am very happy that I found your videos on youtube. You helped me to achieve my Tech license in November and my General license in January. I also upgraded to Extra two weeks ago. I like how you summed up each chapter section and provided very good visuals to help me understand the concepts behind the terminology. I had no knowledge about electronics, radio, or antennas before I began my amateur radio journey. Now I have the highest amateur class, a great understanding about capacitors, inductors, and resistors, and I have made my first slim-jim antenna. I have gained so much appreciation for amateur radio that I have pursued becoming a VE and eventually teaching a free radio basics course at the local community college.

    Thank you and please keep up the good work!

  37. dany benoi says:

    Hi mr Casler,Dany here,I really enjoyed your videos on ham general class.I`m your working on getting mine.I`m canadian,although the requirment here are little different your videos were very helpfull to me.Unlike most operator,my first rig is gonna be mobile;being an over the road truck driver traveling all over n.america and not spending enough time at home to invest in base station.What would you recommand for mobile hf and rugged antenna to whitstand all driving conditions.. thank you

  38. Dave says:

    Hi Tom. I’m glad you found the videos useful. You remind me that I need to write a few pages about my experience when I was in Boulder. We went from nothing to having a very active set of hams throughout the area. We developed a close working relationship between the LDS hams and the Boulder Amateur Radio Club. We taught classes and held exam sessions. We had a weekly on-the-air net and a simple net script every week. We passed around the job of net control so everyone could get a chance to participate. It was all very positive. I moved away from the area ten years ago, but it’s my understanding that the nets and training classes continue. 73, Dave

  39. Tom Finley says:

    Dave your website is fantastic. I really enjoyed your video’s for ham radio. I just passed my General last week. I am a member of our Stake ERO and we had approximatley 15 members take and pass the Technical 2 weeks ago. Any iformation and experiance you can give us on how to best to use Ham radio for our Stake ERO would help us out very much. We are located in Charleston, SC. – Tom KK4WWS

  40. Dave says:

    Obed, thanks for your comment. I’m almost done with the General videos—only 2 to go. My intent was to start right into the Extra Class material, but maybe a few videos along the lines of what you suggest could be done. Any other suggestions? – Dave

  41. Obed says:

    Hello Dave,

    Thank you, for posting the technician instructions videos, It was a helpful tool in my studies and I was able to pass the technician license exam….I was wondering if you would be able to post a video demonstrating on how to setup a basic ham radio station.

    Thank you,


  42. Denis Kacy says:

    I found your videos to be extremely helpful!.I am currently taking the ‘Technician” Class
    license,and “General”class license exams on 02-13-14.I cannot thank you enough for your
    I have registerd to volunteer at the July Convention in Hartford,Ct..Perhaps we will meet at
    the event,if you are planning to attend.Thank you again!.-Denis

    P.S. Dave,you are truly an inspiration!.

  43. George King says:

    Dave, thanks for doing the Technician and General license series of videos. They are great! I am 76 years old and just now getting my Ham licenses. Passed the Technician test easily and now studying for the General. I’ll take it on Dec 21. Your videos have been very useful in studying and understanding the material. 73

  44. Steve Duval says:

    Hey Dave,

    First of all, I hope your arm is continuing to improve and second I wanted to thank you for your Tech License study video series. I passed my Tech license exam tonight and it was in part due to your explanations on the covered topics in the video series. The videos made learning the material so much easier. I am not one for just memorizing the answers, I wanted to know the hows and whys. I am going to order the General Class Study Guide and get started with your videos so I can take my exam for the General Class next month. Thanks again for the awesome videos and website. – Steve

  45. Dave says:

    Thanks – fixed!

  46. Allen Smith says:

    Dave: I found your extensive website during a search on TenTec Jupiter. Very nicely done and reflects a lot of time on your part. I wanted to comment on the the piece “Bob Schaeffer, KJØD, recalls early history of Montrose Amateur Radio Club.”

    I’ve known Bob for over 30 years and have always enjoyed visits with he and his wife, Connie, although I have not seen much of them since I retired 12 years ago and don’t travel through Montrose often. One thing: it’s an interesting report on the MARC but Bob’s callsign in shown as KJ0D and it’s actually KJ0G.

  47. dave says:

    Nell, thanks for your comments. While summer lasts, most of the posts are about what I found riding my dirt bike, but as the weather gets colder, I’ll turn more attention to ham radio. I’m glad you’re enjoying the site!

  48. Nell Stewart says:

    I found your site by accident. I really like it though. What drew me to it was your mention of Ham radio. My husband and I lived in that area for a few years back in the 1980’s and both got our Ham radio licenses there. That was when we had a repeater up on Castlel Peak. I love your beautiful photos, interesting blogs and ham radio information. Thanks, I will be checking in from time to time.

  49. Eric Smith says:

    A thorough job of it, Dave. Nicely done. This will be a great resource for new and existing hams. Keep up the good work. -Eric

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