Ham Radio Video Instructional Material On Line

I’m looking for easy ways to help people get their ham radio licenses. To that end I’ve been combing YouTube and have found a number of sources. There are two ways to study: just study the questions and their answers, or study the theory and then study the questions and their answers. Personally I prefer the latter because simply passing the exam doesn’t really teach you how to get on the air.

However, I’ve discovered a great resource along the lines of studying the questions at The Ham Whisperer at http://www.hamwhisperer.com/p/ham-courses.html. He’s articulate and he provides some additional explanatory material as he answers the questions. He offers a total of 35 short video lessons. By short I mean 10 minutes or less each. You could take one of these a day, and with some review pass your Technician exam.

I’ve been looking for videos that go through the instructional material in the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual. I found some but am not impressed. If you know of any, shoot me a comment using the form at the bottom of this page.

So: a bit of philosophy. Studying the questions will get you your ham license. Studying the other material in the book will help you become a ham, not just someone with a piece of paper in your filing cabinet.

If I can’t find material I like, I’ll make my own videos and put them here on the site for you to use. Stay tuned!

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