Ham Radio Technician Course Section 2.1

This ten-minute video clarifies the concepts of frequency and wavelength with explanations and examples to prepare you to study Section 2.1 of the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual.

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3 Responses to Ham Radio Technician Course Section 2.1

  1. Steve says:

    Excellent! I’m working on getting my license and love the material here. I was a 31C RATT operator in the Army.

  2. Dave, Great video’s. I’ve been hammering around on 11-meter for a while but hardly anyone is on anymore. A buddy has been trying to get me on HAM for a while and your video’s are nice and strait forward. They are nice as a review tools and are very much appreciated! I’m trying for my Technician license this year.. hope to run into you on the air!


  3. John Gordon says:

    Dave, a great refresher for me (KI6DRB…not very active) and, for my son, the videos are very useful tools for him to work toward his technician license. Much appreciated!

    John G
    Northern California

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