Ham Radio General Class License Lesson 6.6, Feed Lines

This 28 minute lecture will put you well in front of studying Section 6.6, Feed Lines, in the ARRL General Class License Manual for ham radio. Plan to spend some time with this one—it’s worth the effort. It covers material that will be on the test, and also gives the background behind the material. Enjoy!

When you’re done reviewing the video, click here to go back to the list of General Class license videos.

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2 Responses to Ham Radio General Class License Lesson 6.6, Feed Lines

  1. David Casler says:

    An inverted vee at the height you propose will have pretty much a uniform pattern.

  2. Richard Hibbert says:

    You recommend as does science that a inverted vee be at least half wave high. My center point for 20/15/10 will be just shy of 25 feet up but the ends not so great 10 feet.. Any recommendations to off set the HOA limitation. I am really wanting the digital action and the 10 meter seems very good in this area all the time for SSB/CW etc.
    I may have to treat my 2 band J-pole as a stealth portable antenna at home! Mounting on a modified Painters pole that has a latch hook on eve to keep it up.
    Cannot grip as Vee will run N-S giving me a east west pattern that could get me my DX fun.

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