Ham Radio General Class License 7.2, The Sun

ARRL General Class Study Guide Lesson 7.2 is titled “The Sun,” but a more accurate title would be “How the Sun affects HF Propagation.”

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A special thanks to NASA, NOAA, NIST, and Wikipedia for visual materials included in the video. The NOAA link for space weather is here.

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1 Response to Ham Radio General Class License 7.2, The Sun

  1. Rick Cross says:

    Your videos are really helpful I hope I pass! I’m going for both the technician and general on Feb 14th. I’m confident I’ll pass the technical, the general is a crap shoot. Just a technical picky point on this section. You said that the book was incorrect in that WWV doesn’t broadcast SFI,K, and A values at 18 and 45 minutes after the hour only at 18 minutes. They said at 18 OR 45 minutes RESPECTIVELY. I think they are saying that WWV broadcasts them at 18 minutes after the hour and WWVH broadcasts them at 45 minutes after the hour. I just wanted you to know I was paying attention. Thanks for all you do, Rick Cross, Cross Farms (EN75ed) Northport, MI

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