Ham Radio General Class Lesson 5.6, HF Station Installation

Here’s your video introduction to ARRL General Class License Manual for Ham Radio, section 5.6, HF Station Installation. These videos are meant as introductions to the material. They’re not a substitute for reading the book and answering the various sample tests questions, but rather a supplement.

The video mentions the ARRL Technical Information Service. The link to the ARRL web page describing the TIS can be found by clicking here.

The video has some audio echo issues. My wife and I took a mattress out of the studio, one that was leaning against a wall, and left behind a blank wall to create echoes. I’ll have to hang a blanket over it. Also there are a couple weird transition glitches—everything looks okay in PowerDirector’s edit window but I did an awful lot of editing in those areas, and I’m sure that’s the cause of the problems.

After you’ve viewed the video, you can return to the list of General Class videos by clicking here.

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