Ham Radio General Class Lesson 2.3, Emergency Operation

Here’s your video introduction to section 2.3 of the ARRL General Class License Manual for ham radio. This video introduces the section, provides some background information that can help you study with more comprehension, and is a fun way to keep your study interesting. For more detail, you may go here, which has a complete list of the videos in the training sequence. Also, you can go here for the Technician Class videos.

Link to a site that explains the difference between ARES and RACES. Note that the contact info given is for the Tulsa area hams. Here’s another from the Half Moon Bay club. And here is the ARRL page on the subject.

In the video I mention my notes from the last SET exercise I participated in. You may find those notes here.

When you are done with this video, click here to return to the list of General Class training videos.

BTW, the background video was taken at the ghost town of Ironton, south of Ouray, CO, and just north of Red Mountain Pass.

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3 Responses to Ham Radio General Class Lesson 2.3, Emergency Operation

  1. James Bryan says:

    I agree with Richard , you have a talent for explaining things Sir. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. dave says:

    Dick, thanks for the kind words! Regarding a fair price to pay for the Yaesu, my suggestion would be to look for it on eBay. You’ll likely find several. See what they actually sell for. That should give you a good range.

  3. Richard Jubinville says:

    Great job Dave, you have such a talent to present the info in an easy format to understand. BTW, I love the background, nice touch to your video, snow already on the peaks I see.
    I have an off-subject question, being a new HAM, what is a fair price to offer for an estate sale for a Yaesu 857 ?

    73,s KA1VEI

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