Ham Radio General Class Lesson 2.2, Digital Modes

This is your video introduction to Lesson 2.2, Digital Modes, in the ARRL General Class License Manual for ham radio. There is a companion video to this one that records an actual on-the-air QSO. After you have finished the video, click here to return to the list of General Class training videos.

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7 Responses to Ham Radio General Class Lesson 2.2, Digital Modes

  1. dcasler says:

    Thanks. Youtube made a change. All URLs require https instead of http, so that obsoletes many of the links.

  2. james says:

    videos on the web page are not available

  3. Geetendra says:

    Hi, good comments poeple need to understand that there is more to communications than the Internet, and in the case of ham-radio, you can build good equipment that really can perform well. FYI, tonites Mars Recon Orbiter reception was very good, its just over 52 million miles and coming in strong.regardsPaul(www.uhf-satcom.com contributor)

  4. Dave says:

    Yes. PSK-31 is a 100% duty cycle mode while transmitting. Note that you should back off of full power for other reasons too. Backing off to less power makes your transmitter more linear, resulting in a cleaner signal. Also PSK-31 does well with low power; 25 watts is plenty most of the time. 73, Dave

  5. joe butler says:

    One question Dave, Is there possibility of transmitter over heating with psk-13? Tx Joe km4arl

  6. joe butler says:

    great vids. received my general rating last week. look forward to fine tuning my knowledge with yr vids! tx again! joe km4arl

  7. David Wilma says:


    Thanks for the excellent instructional videos. I can see that you have gone to a lot of trouble putting together well-produced and informative pieces. Kudos and many thanks. I am a brand new ham, just passed my Technician and using your General series to prepare for that test. I still have to decide which part of the hobby I want to embrace. At present my interest is in emergency communications.

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