Monthly Giveaway

I give something away every month. It’s like totally free. I will announce it in advance. (No guarantees, of course!)

How to enter: Send a postcard, QSL card, or a simple envelope containing a single sheet of paper. Write down your name, callsign, shipping address, and, in case of any issues, your phone number. Send it via postal mail to Dave Casler, KEØOG, PO Box 98, Ridgway, CO 81432, USA.

Restrictions: If you are outside the United States and territories and you win, I will ask you to pay postage. Otherwise postage is free.

Drawing: I will collect entries for an entire calendar month. The drawing takes place during the first livestream for the following month. Please mark your entry for the month you’re entering. Late-arriving entries are invalid. So if you really want a particular giveaway, mail early in the month!

Protecting your privacy: After the drawing, all non-winning entries are put in the shred pile. The winning entry will be sent with the giveaway item to the winner. Note: I do not keep any records or photocopies or scans or anything. Shredded means shredded!

Apr 2022 Giveaway: Powerwerx SS30DV 13.8 vdc power supply

April 2022 giveaway. Powerwerx SS30DV 13.8 vdc power supply.