General Class Lesson 2.1 Video Introduction

Here’s your video introduction to section 2.1 of the ARRL General Class Ham Radio License Manual. Sorry about the length (17 minutes), but there’s gobs of material in the section and lots to talk about. Truly this video provides an introduction and some great background that helps understand what’s written. To go back to the list of videos, click here.

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9 Responses to General Class Lesson 2.1 Video Introduction

  1. dcasler says:

    Carol, go to I just checked and see that the introductory video is doubled up. I’ll get that fixed.

  2. Carol Young says:

    I was directed here by ARRL and your videos don’t see to be available on this site. I there a list of youtube videos for the general test.
    Thank you

  3. dcasler says:

    I think it’s been fixed. Let me know.

  4. james says:

    None of the General videos web contact sites lead to the required videos

  5. I am a traditional bowyer, a wallflower CB’er, and a small lapidary stone craftsman (jade or agate pendants etc.) among other things. I wanted to get certified in the 80’s but never learned Morse code and a couple other elements. Now it’s easier, but now I’ve been devouring the material with not just enthusiastic vigor, but a better comprehension and retention – oddly enough, after becoming practically blind in my right and dominant eye. I think my brain being forced to take it in with more the left eye, now, has reduced my bit of dyslexia or attention fickleness! I may regain sight after surgery, but I’m half inclined to cover my right eye during technical learning!
    Haha, anyway thanks and best wishes – I’m using these videos for sure. I am learning Morse Code, too — I hooke a cool-looking antique fire alarm (stuffed to baffle the huge piezo’s volume) with a handmade key made from a micro swith intended to be touch sense for a BEAM robot (very clean contact). 73 🙂 W4VEY (looks like “Wavy to me, like little wavy lines)

  6. J. Kirby Dieterman says:


    Thank you so much for these great videos! I passed my Tech license two weeks ago and have dived into the 2m, 70cm world. I am beginning to review for the General upgrade. With the combination of your videos, online testing, and the ARRL book this should go easily for me.

    Thanks again



  7. Don Gudeman, KE7AVV says:

    Just wanted to say Thanks for making these videos. The format and explanations are great! I’ve had my Tech for nearly ten years and wanted to upgrade before it was time to renew. Your videos are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for all of your time, knowledge, and kindness involved in the making and sharing of these valuable (and much appreciated) training videos!



  8. Mike says:

    Hi Dave;
    Have found your videos very interesting. Just got my Tech license and plan on upgrading to my General at the upcoming Orlando, FL Hamfest in February. I tried to view this video several times and seems it shows about 1/4 way then freezes. I have a DSL hookup on an I-mac computer so I know it’s not my internet speed or computer. Any ideas of how to get it to load and view in its entirety? thanks.

  9. James R. (Randy) Loflin, KD5MEO says:

    Thanks for this series. I’m just going for General, and appreciate getting the material in as many different formats as possible.



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