From Montrose Adobes to Peach Valley Recreation Area in Five Minutes

Yes, it’s true that I crashed not long after I took this video, but I suppose there’s no harm in putting it here. For quite a number of years the only connection between the Peach Valley recreation area outside of Olathe, Colorado, and the Montrose Adobes north of Montrose, Colorado, was via a few singletrack trails. There was a large chunk of land, a private inholding, that straddled the road between the Montrose Adobes and Peach Valley. Last year the BLM struck a deal with the landowner, and the road is now open to everybody. So, even though the sign says that there is no through route, in fact the road is open for travel. This video transits the entire road in five minutes. The actual journey took quite a bit longer than that, but I speeded things up. You may ask why motorcyclists go to this desolate place, but the answer is that all the beautiful places are still snowed in. Anyway, it was on my way back to Montrose after taking this video, that I had my crash. Sadly I have no video of the crash.

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