Flowers in Yankee Boy Basin

On my evening trip up to Yankee Boy Basin a week ago (here), I was amazed to see a columbine. It was a loner—and early, given that the best time for columbines is usually late July. But there it was, so I got out the camera. And when I began to look around, I found out the columbine was not alone!


A very early columbine in Yankee Boy Basin

The columbine is, of course, the state’s official flower, but that doesn’t stop others from coming along. First, I’ll show you some close-ups, and then at the very bottom, a larger image with a rainbow medley. And if you know the names for these blooms, please comment to this post and let me know! I’m not a botanist, but Mom loves wildflowers. Help me name them for her!

purple flower

To give you an idea of the sizes, here's one of the little purple flowers.


The purples like to pose with others, here yellow.


More purple posing, this time with white.


The orange flowers are substantially larger.


Here's the promised medley. How many colors can you make out in what's about four square feet? This shot is taken near the road where people park to visit the twin falls.

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