Engineer Pass in Four Minutes!

Okay, well more like 45 minutes, but due to the miracle of modern video editing software (CyberLink PowerDirector), we make that more like 4 minutes. Yep, you get the entire trip.

Now I must point out that I was on my Yamaha XT-250 dirt motorcycle. The climb up this road is nearly all first gear, meaning 10 to 12 mph, with significant periods below that. A four-wheel drive vehicle (e.g., Jeep) will take much longer, perhaps two or three hours.

For the record, the ride starts at the intersection of US Highway 550 and Ouray (Colorado) County Road 18, more usually known as Engineer Pass Road. I’ll be frank: it’s rough going! The video ends about a hundred yards short of the sign atop Engineer Pass. There was one final snow berm I didn’t want to try taking the motorcycle through. It seems that someone plowing the road from the other side just pushed snow aside in such a way as to block the road. But that was a week ago (ride date: 12 May 2012). It’s undoubtedly open by now.

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