Elephant Ridge Trail – Montrose Adobes

If your Internet connection supports it, I really suggest watching this at 720p.

Part of Elephant Ridge Trail, from the north heading south. I used my GoPro HD Hero2 to capture the footage and CyberLink PowerDirector to assemble the video. PowerDirector’s stabilization function is very good – the original video was quite jerky. And, yes, although I was trying very hard to concentrate on the trail, the steepness of those slopes was always on my mind! No room for mistakes here. And…no room to turn around, either!

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4 Responses to Elephant Ridge Trail – Montrose Adobes

  1. Marty Lemons says:

    Dave: That’s even better, then I can ride along in the passenger seat.

  2. Dave says:

    Hi Marty, I’d love to, but I’ve sold the dirt bike and now run around in a Polaris RZR, a side-by-side that has the footprint of an ATV. So all those glorious single-track trails are now only memories!

  3. Marty Lemons says:

    Thanks Dave for posting these up for us. I want to come out one day and have you take me on some of these trails.

  4. Randy says:

    Cripes: I got a couple of adrenaline surges just from watching that. Whee!

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