DX and the Radio Amateur: Ask Dave #47

What’s DX? How does it work? Is it something you want to do? Give it a try! This video tells how.

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1 Response to DX and the Radio Amateur: Ask Dave #47

  1. Richard Montel KW4MQ says:

    I totally disagree about using “alternate phonetics”. The selection of words in the International Phonetic Alphabet was carefully chosen with foreign accents in mind. An Asian ‘Romeo’ might come out sounding more like ‘Lomeo’, but I still know it is an ‘R’. They are a common standard around the world. I have 40 years experience as a pilot, including international flying.The IPA is a Godsend to aviation where lives often depend on understanding what was said on the radio.
    When I hear Hams using non-standard phonetics, it really slows down my ability to grasp what they are trying to communicate via phonetics. Please, please, please discourage that practice.

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