Drawings Used in Ask Dave 7

Oggie Mike, K9MK/5, has asked for the charts used in Ask Dave 7, an introduction to antennas for difficult situations.

The charts can be downloaded in ZIP format by clicking here. The charts are images in PNG format.

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1 Response to Drawings Used in Ask Dave 7

  1. James says:

    Hi Dave,

    Looking forward to your follow-up video on the suggested analog APRS settings for the AnyTone AT-D-878-UV from the aprs.fi founder. There do not seem to be many i-gates or digi-peaters in my area so I may have to take on a project like that next. My latest project, was to convert my AT-D-868-UV into an AT-D-878-UV with all the upgrades and capabilities of the newer model using an ST-Link V-2 programmer that cost less than $5 shipped. It was a little scary disassembling the radio and wiring up the programmer to the board, but well worth it in the end. The radio turned out perfect and I love it. Looking forward to the new info, and certainly love ALL the videos you produce. The are very professional.

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