DM-R5+ and GD-55 DMR Radios Revisited (#66)

Last December I unboxed the Baofeng DM-5R+ and the Radioddity GD-55. Soon after several repeater operators said these radios were banned from their networks. This video looks at why that is so and how the radios don’t meet current American practices and technical requirements.

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5 Responses to DM-R5+ and GD-55 DMR Radios Revisited (#66)

  1. Bill says:


    Thank you for the reply. That is what I was thinking. Just needed someone to tell me I guess. I guess I should start working on the code plug using the online repeater information I was able to find. At first I think I am going to use it more as a scanner to get used to how things operate.

    Thanks again.


  2. dcasler says:

    Bill, the GD-55+ and the GD-77 are very different radios, so the code plug for the one won’t work for the other. You’ll need to manually copy information from one to the other. Sorry, I don’t know of a better way. If you find one, let me know.

  3. Bill says:


    I recently purchased a GD-55 plus. Once it arrived I started doing more detailed research on DMR and came across your videos and website. Thank you for your time and effort putting these together.

    Do you know if a GD-77 code plug would work or be a good starting point to work from? I have seen one for the Texas / Oklahoma area and was wondering. I have found some resources containing the various repeaters and talk groups but would like to see it assembeled in a working code plug if possible.

    Thanks again.


  4. dcasler says:

    Tony, get it touch with the ARRL or look at to find other clubs. 73

  5. Tony Lee says:

    Dear Dave,
    I just joined a club and I know nothing about radios, could you recommend some? Some are using the Baofeng which, I felt was not not really recommended buy you so I need help take it easy on me I’m 73, lol.

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