Dicey ATV Trail Along Gunnison River in Escalante Canyon

While watching this video, note the right hand side of the trail. It falls straight into the river in a couple places. Large rocks have fallen onto what used to be a jeep road, making it very narrow here and there.

We were out with the Uncompahgre Valley Trail Rider’s Association ride up into Escalante Canyon, to the west of Delta, Colorado. The route took us through this rather narrow stretch. I’m in a Polaris RZR, nearly identical to the one in front of us. At 50 inches wide, it counts as an ATV in Colorado. But most ATVs are either 46 or 48 inches wide, and that extra couple inches sure makes a difference! But we all made it through just fine, just.

Tech note: The GoPro Hero2 HD camera is mounted on the left-hand roll bar. The GoPro video is a bit flat, so I goosed the contrast and saturation using CyberLink PowerDirector 12 along with ColorDirector. It was a beautiful day, but at the time I was concentrating on keeping the RZR upright!

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3 Responses to Dicey ATV Trail Along Gunnison River in Escalante Canyon

  1. Richard says:

    Dave, that is a very dangerous place to ride an ATV!!!! The sides are all shale rock. Slides can happen from even the slightest vibrations.

  2. Denis Kacy says:

    That ride in the Canyon would certainly raise the hairs on the back of my head!. Stay safe Dave.

  3. Doris says:

    Dave, I cringed and leaned to the left while watching this. Good thing the camera was mounted on the left side and not the right. I might have fallen into the river. 🙂

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