Dave Wood Road: How to get there from Montrose

Beautiful weather here today! I checked the tires and oil and managed to fire up the Yamaha Seca II, my 17-year-old 600cc sport-touring motorcycle, and took it for a nice ride. In my travels today I happened to capture the track for the best way to get to Dave Wood Road from Montrose. It’s a bit hard to find, so I’ve provided the annotated GPS track, plus written instructions below. Dave Wood Road was the original wagon road between Montrose and Telluride, so it’s the oldest road around here.

Finding Dave Wood Road from Montrose, CO

Finding Dave Wood Road from Montrose, CO

From Downtown Montrose, Colorado, travel west on Main Street. It quickly exits downtown and after a bit becomes Spring Creek Road and heads due west. You’ll go a couple miles, then find yourself climbing a rather steep (paved) hill. Turn left at the top onto 6300 Road. Note that you’ll be following Colorado Highway 90. Follow 6300 south to its end, then turn left onto West Oak Grove. Follow this for only a half mile, then turn south on Dave Wood Road. There is a sign. Dave Wood Road is also 6250 Road.

Dave Wood heads south from here. The first several miles are paved. As you go generally south (the road winds a bit), you’ll be gaining altitude. There’s a parking area where Dave Wood Road enters the National Forest, and several double tracks and Jeep trails start here. (See here for my 2010 description of this area.)

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  1. Tim Chewning says:

    I really enjoy your videos. I have been a ham now for about 2 years. I love that there are so many aspects of the hobby, there is something for everyone it seems. I have to say your videos are easy on the ears. I love the way you put in the audio after the fact and edit out, and fast forward. So many do not and it makes it hard to watch. Wind noise, fumbling about etc. Your videos are real professional, informative, and fun to watch I hope you keep them coming. I don’t mean to knock the work of others but you’ve seen the videos I’m talking about 30 min videos with only 5 min worth watching. With yours I was anxious to hear it all and now looking for more. Thanks for your hard work in putting out a quality video. KM4GUF

    If you have the time I would like to hear your take on what you think is a good multi-band wire antenna. I use a OCF dipole it’s OK but I feel I can do better.

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