Cow Creek: A Best-Kept Secret in Ouray County

The ride took about 40 minutes, but you can do it in only 7 along with my commentary. I sped up most of the video, but the interesting parts (creek crossings) are at normal speed.

Cow Creek Road is one of Ouray County’s best kept secrets. It’s tucked well out of the way of normal tourist travel. To get to it, follow Ouray County Road 12, starting about a quarter mile south of the intersection between US Hwy 550 and Colorado Hwy 62. CR 12 heads to the east. Follow this around several bends and corners, always keeping on CR 12, and you’ll end up at the sign featured in the video’s opening scene. It’s been raining the past few days, filling up the road’s mudholes, so watch yourself! With the motorcycle I was able to miss most of the mud. But I do have to cross Cow Creek three times to get to the end of the road. If you like this video, please tell your friends! You can also subscribe to this blog using the box in the right hand column.

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  1. Brad says:

    This looks like a great trail. Will definitely put it on my to do list for the trip we’re taking in a couple weeks.

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