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After a few rounds with Jumpline’s support people, Askimet is once again connected and will filter out spam comments. So I’ve turned comments back on. Thanks for your patience! And, thank you to Jumpline for figuring out where the problem was and fixing it. Jumpline has been installing new servers with solid-state disks and a setting got changed somewhere. That has been fixed.

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  1. Roy Gertig says:

    Hi Dave,
    I really enjoy your videos. You seem to be a natural teacher, like my wife. I like how you fist teach and then do well thought out demonstrations. I’m retired now, and wanting to get back into the amateur radio on the air world. I’ve got a HW-101 and an SB-102 sitting in the basement and a Ringo Ranger (old and used) sitting in the garage. Take care and stay safe! /Roy

  2. Nick Sparozic says:

    A parts list used in building your computer would be appreciated.

  3. Nigel Rotherham says:

    Greetings from sunny South Africa πŸ™‚

    Short note to thank you for very interesting and professionally produced videos covering amateur radio (discovered today Monday 12th December 2016) – MUCH appreciated!

    My original call was G8DEV obtained when 16 (am now 65+) and ZS6RN assigned when we moved to South Africa in 1982 (and I passed CW as VHF / UHF activity that was my main interest in the U.K. virtually non existent). Oh how times have changed… πŸ˜‰

    Seems that like you, I am resurrecting my CW skills (and having FUN) but recently my FT857D has developed a fault (no Tx but finals are ok – phew!) that I am still busy fixing. Too expensive to ship overseas and ‘local’ facilities somewhat questionable so maybe I need to power up my ‘boat anchor’ (IC751) – IDEA!! How about a ‘Ask Dave’ covering ‘amateur radio equipment of yesteryear? There are some FANTASTIC rigs that are probably available at affordable prices to the new amateur operator and whilst not ‘all singing dancing shack in a box’ as per ‘modern units, I would guess that far easier to understand (no menu systems but dedicated controls for specific functions) AND easier to work on if and when required i.e. I decided to not measure some sections of my FT857 for fear that my rf probe would slip and perhaps short out / destroy some part that is currently working ok!

    Ok, this was supposed to be a ‘short’ thank you note so time to sign and wish you well.

    Keep up the GREAT job and maybe one day we will make contact via the ionosphere?!?


    Nigel – ZS6RN

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