Colorado Color 2014: Goliath Won (Poor David)

Poor David (that’s me). I put the pebble right smack on Goliath’s (YouTube’s) forehead, but Goliath just laughed and did what he (they) wanted to do anyway. So…. I’m trying this again. I put this video up on YouTube last week. I used music called “Tree Hop,” obtained via SmartSound (and yes, I do have the rights to use the music royalty free). Well, YouTube said the music was actually from Getty Images (of all people). I appealed, but there’s not much point in fighting Goliath, even if my given name is David. Anyway, after my appeal was ignored, I deleted the disputed video. I went, hat in hand, to YouTube’s free music library (and I hate to admit it, but it’s pretty good), and picked out a piece by Silent Partner called “Yard Sale.” Anyway, here’s the updated video.

For those interested, “Tree Hop” really is available from SmartSound. Click here to see it and even play part of it. The cool thing about SmartSound is that I can tell their software, SonicFire Pro, exactly how long I want the music to be, and it’ll make an audio clip that long, complete with a proper beginning and end. Further, I can decide just which instruments I want to keep and which to turn off (for example, to create simpler music under dialog). Alas, compared to YouTube, they’re also a David. Their help page regarding YouTube disputed ownership simply suggests I use Vimeo.

Vimeo is a nice service (and I’m even a member), but frankly YouTube is where it’s at if I want a real audience. Hmmm…maybe I’ll put the original video up on Vimeo. SmartSound says Vimeo is a partner and won’t erroneously tag its music as a copyright violation. We’ll see. (Added later: I did put it on Vimeo. Click here.)

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