Chrome and Firefox winning the browser wars!


Here are the results of the browser wars for!

Just for kicks, I was digging through Google Analytics to learn more about how people are visiting this site. The results are quite interesting. Internet Explorer, which once ruled the roost, continues to be beaten back, standing at 34.4%. Also interesting is that Google’s Chrome is making serious inroads (15.99%), apparently at Firefox’s loss (now 32.77%). (This is particularly interesting, since not only does Google make Chrome, but it also provides serious funding for Firefox’s development.) One finding I didn’t expect was the size of the Safari slice, 13%. Safari is Apple’s browser, and is found not only on the MacBook and similar, but also on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and the like. So…those who say to design just for the “dominant” browser (supposedly meaning IE), are clearly out of date. I usually do development and test on Firefox, although I’m composing this post in Chrome. WordPress, which powers this site, is pretty vanilla and works on essentially everything, so I seldom run into browser compatibility issues. (BTW, the other tiny slices are all the other browsers like Opera et al. Bottom line: they hardly impact the results, certainly not in any meaningful way!)

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