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Assembling the MFJ-1846 Six-Band Hex-Beam Antenna (#152)

Watch the time lapse photography as I assemble the MFJ-1846 six-band hex-beam antenna. I also explain how hex beams work. You can see a list of Ask Dave videos by clicking here. You can ask a question by clicking here. … Continue reading

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Instructional Videos: How I Make Them

Here’s a “behind the scenes” look at making one of the ham radio instructional (training) videos, in this case for Amateur Extra Lesson 3.5. The purpose of these instructional videos is to help people get their ham licenses, and they … Continue reading

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Time Lapse of Snowy Day

Note the snow on the birdbath – it disappears, starts to reappear, and then disappears again. Also note the snow on the trees to the left – they lose their snow load as soon as the wind comes up.

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