By Popular Demand: Ham Radio General Class Training

Got your Technician Class ham license? Want to upgrade to General? Here’s your chance! I’ve had excellent feedback regarding my series of video introductions for the Technician Class License, and several have asked when the General Class series is coming. The answer: Now! But I’m not going to try it all by myself. Lew French, KCØUER, has signed on to help make videos, and we’re soliciting other volunteers too. Watch this short video (less than four minutes) to meet both Lew and me.

We will follow the same format as before. The text is the ARRL General Class License Manual. For details, you can click here and refer your friends to for details and the lesson list.

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3 Responses to By Popular Demand: Ham Radio General Class Training

  1. dcasler says:

    Clinton, if you are referring to the ARRL License Manual, then the book that was recently refreshed in June was for the Technician Class license. The ARRL General Class License Manual will be refreshed in mid-2019.

  2. Clinton Wallace says:

    I am a technician KE8BLG. Due to medical issues with myself and my son, I have not been able to study for the general class. I have been informed that the book that I purchased has been replaced by a newer edition that came out this month. I have two new rigs both FTs. I would like to get back in the swing of things. I been waiting to do this for 53 years.
    Thanking you in advance.

  3. Sandy WG5TJV says:

    Thank You to Both of You Gentlemen for taking a portion of your time to Help us New Hams Understand and Pass the Advanced Licenses. I take Great Pleasure in Learning and and hope to be able someday to provide the Leadership you Gentlemen are offering today. Again, Thank You Very Much.

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