Buck Trail Wildflowers


Ragwort flowers along Buck Trail

Yesterday, while riding with Gary (see here), the wildflowers were everywhere. I stopped along the Buck Trail to snap some pictures. The flower above appears to be from the ragwort family. I can’t find a picture in the wildflower book that exactly matches this, but it comes close.

Again, not an exact match, but looks like a goldeneye.


This is not a blue bell (they come in clusters), but certainly is bell-shaped. The closest I can find in my wildflower book is harebell.

Alpine Yarrow

Alpine Yarrow--a very good match to the flower book. Each flower is a delicate little thing. Note the spider web underneath.

Purple aster

Purple aster in the sense that this is an aster that's purple. It shows blue in the photo, but the RGB color space isn't so good with purple. There are a number of asters in the flower book and this isn't an exact match with any of them, but it's clearly an aster.

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