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IC-7300 Firmware Update Charts

Here are the charts from Ask Dave 378 about updating the firmware on the Icom IC-7300. The charts can be found (PDF) by clicking here. Here’s the video:

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Derivation of the 468 over f formula for the length of a dipole

Per request from KEØKRO, here is the chart showing the derivation of the formula that the length in feet of a dipole is 468 divided by the frequency in Megahertz. Also, you can go here for a higher resolution PDF … Continue reading

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KE0OG Health Update

Still recovering from bad episode of gastroinstestinal bleeding. Very anemic at the moment, on oxygen, at home, but trying to walk more than 10 feet leaves me exhausted and completely out of breath. Had 3 units of blood last week. … Continue reading

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My QST Article, “Exploring Radio Mathematics”

My article on exploring radio mathematics was just published in the November issue of QST. Unfortunately errors crept in, which has generated lots of emails. I put together a page on my website that collects and collates the errors. Check … Continue reading

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Unusual J-pole Antenna (Ask Dave 302)

Here’s the drawing that goes with Ask Dave 302. Click here to get the pdf.

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Website for info about DSTAR

Brad Rich provides this link for those wishing to learn more about DSTAR. Note it not only has lots of good info, but lists other links as well. Here is the link; you can just click on it to go … Continue reading

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Oggie Harry Rundall, AC3EK, Discusses Elbow Connectors

Harry reports: “I had asked about erratic power behavior on the ICOM 7300 on the mode FT8 last Saturdays Q&A. Well it turns out it was the elbow connector I had in line on the back of the rig to … Continue reading

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MFJ-17754 Instruction Addendum from Ask Dave 265 and 266

In Ask Dave 265 and Ask Dave 266, I mentioned an Addendum to the MFJ instructions. This addendum describes that the antenna comes pretuned too long and will need to be shortened, and gives instructions for doing so. See the … Continue reading

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Reference Station Page Now Active

I’ve put up a page that takes you to the Reference Station list of equipment. It’s at Check it out. Comments should go to the video that introduces the reference station component.

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Ideal Stripmaster Wire Stripping Tool

In today’s livestream, I promised to put up a link to my wire stripper. They’re a bit expensive, but I don’t know how I ever lived without it! Note: if you purchase through this link, you’re helping to support my … Continue reading

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