Assembling the MFJ-1846 Six-Band Hex-Beam Antenna (#152)

Watch the time lapse photography as I assemble the MFJ-1846 six-band hex-beam antenna. I also explain how hex beams work.

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1 Response to Assembling the MFJ-1846 Six-Band Hex-Beam Antenna (#152)

  1. William Whittaker says:

    I have looked at many of your youtube videos – I am new to Ham radio and with covid it is difficult to make personal contacts with the experts. I have relied on your expertise so thanks alot.

    I have an ic 7300 (per your ref station). straight 100 watts. Antenna is flagpole 20 ft ocf vertical dipole by Greyline. Tuner is mfj 994brt. Except for 160 it gives me less than 1.5 to 1 SWR on all bands. It works pretty good. made a few dx contacts to Europe. It seems I can hear many more than can hear me. You have said repeatedly that to invest in your antenna before an amp. So here is my question.

    What can I do to improve on my flagpole antenna?. for both rx and tx.

    I live in an HOA and lots of snoopy neighbors. Greyline makes antenna extensions at 4 ft lengths. However, I might not get away with that. I might get away with adding a thin 4 ft whip to the top of the flagpole antenna. Can I use spring steel (very flexible and stealthy). I was thinking that would “keep the birds from crapping on my flag”. lol

    I also purchased the mfj 2010 (ref station) antenna. Also used a mfj 939 tuner. Set it up outside with a temp support structure with 30 ft on one side and 20 ft on the other. The 2010 worked but it seemed to give me 1-2 S units less than the Flagpole antenna – per my 7300 S meter. I was switching back and forth with A/B switch – like you did on your 2010 review video. So… haven’t installed the 2010 in my attic.

    I bought a mfj 901 swr power meter and it shows very little loss per reflected power.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thx Semper Fi KO4IOE

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