Ask Dave Episode 8: Station Grounding

Ask Dave Episode 8 is about station grounding.

Here is one of the sources for the Motorola R56 standard. Please note that the document is a Motorola proprietary document.

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4 Responses to Ask Dave Episode 8: Station Grounding

  1. Vee Butterfield W7IBB says:

    Thanks Dave. Appreciate your quick replies to these questions and comments. Sorry I repeated my question, didn’t know which forum you would answer from. I saw your Episode #61 which really answers this question completely. I enjoy your videos and live Saturday broadcast.

  2. Vee Butterfield W7IBB says:

    Thanks Dave, Sorry I duplicated my question. I didn’t know if you would see both questions. Thanks for your reply. And thanks for your quick reply! I didn’t notice Episode #61 where you go into some detail about this surge protector. I’ll have to buy some. I’m in the process of putting up a new random length end-fed antenna with a 1:9 UN UN from Nelson-Antennas on eBay. It is supposed to cover 80-6 meters. We’ll see.

    I’m becoming a real fan of your videos and your Saturday live streaming program. You have a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. dcasler says:

    I use AlphaDelta TransiTrap model TT3G50 lightning surge protectors. The ground rod is a couple feet away from where the cables enter the house, and all the coax cables go through a lightning surge protector prior to going into the house. The surge protectors are mounted via a copper plate right on the ground rod. Note there are two kinds of these arrestors–one for low power (200w or less) and one for high power. I’ve never had any trouble with them.

  4. Vee Butterfield W7IBB says:

    Lightening arrestors range in cost from about $6 to close to $100 for a coax antenna line. Are the cheap ones good enough to protect ham equipment? How much should I spend on lightening arrestors? Do you recommend a specific one?

    I’m putting in an 8 foot ground rod where the coax enters my basement ham shack and will run a ground strap from it to my single point station ground. Does the lightening arrestor attach to that ground rod before the coax goes into the ham shack? I couldn’t tell how close your ground rod is to the entrance to your shack on your video #8. Thanks — really enjoy your videos and live streams.

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