Ask Dave Episode 21: Exploring the Waterfall Display

The Ask Dave series answers your questions about ham radio, with emphasis on those of interest to those new to the hobby. This video explores various types of “waterfall” displays.

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2 Responses to Ask Dave Episode 21: Exploring the Waterfall Display

  1. Dave says:

    Bob, software such as digipan is for digital modes. However, HRD also has a rig control capability that you can use to control your radio has you have SSB contacts. However, what shows on the screen are things that you can just as easily get to directly with your radio. In general, software such as this supports digital modes. 73, Dave

  2. Robert Garr says:

    Hi dave, thanks for all the time effort and work you put into this great resource. My computer and digital skills are severely lacking and teaching an old dog new tricks is no easy task. My question is this. In watching your digital and waterfall display segments it was not clear to me if I could use one of the SDR software programs (HRD, DIGIPAN ETC) as a starting point with my Ft-450d to operate using the conventional modes, SSB, CW, AM etc., or will they only function operating the digital modes? I like the idea of control and display from my CAT port on my 450d and am not clear on the difference in using it or the DIN DATA connection the rig has. I’m taking baby steps here as until 14 months ago ALL my ham experience was in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. So without an Elmer as in the past, this “caveman” is trying to have a renaissance and enter the morden world of ham radio, with your help of course. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and 73’s Bob KD2JSS

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