Ask Dave Episode 15: Emergencies and You—Are You Ready?

The Ask Dave videos answer your questions about ham radio. This episode covers the processes of organizing, training, and equipping prior to deployment of you and your ham radio equipment. The time to prepare to help in an emergency is prior to the disaster!

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2 Responses to Ask Dave Episode 15: Emergencies and You—Are You Ready?

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Ralph, I have three single-band (20, 30, 40) QRP CW transceivers, each ostensibly 5w, but 3-4 is more like it. I’ve had good luck on the air with all three. 5W of CW can get through about when 100W of SSB can. I am one of those of the opinion that 5W is way too little for SSB unless you have ideal conditions, but for close-in NVIS emcomm work it may be a good thing—I have no experience. I haven’t done a video on QRP yet—I’ll keep that in mind. Good luck with your emcomm work, and thank you for all you do to support your community. 73, Dave, KEØOG

  2. Thanks for your informative video. I have shared this with our local ARES/RACES team. (

    Have you ever done any videos on QRP operations or the YAESU FT-817nd? I’d love to see your view of that rig.
    Ralph Dutcher, KD2BDZ
    President, Monroe County ARES /RACES

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