Ask Dave Episode 13: The CW Renaissance

The Ask Dave videos answer your questions about ham radio, particularly questions from those new to the hobby. This video explores CW—the Morse Code. It’s coming back into vogue!

Learn how to learn the code, ARRL Morse Code Operating book can be found at by clicking here. My channel, “Ham Radio Answers” also includes training videos that follow the ARRL manuals for Tech, General, and Amateur Extra. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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2 Responses to Ask Dave Episode 13: The CW Renaissance

  1. Dave says:


    All modern HF radios have the iambic CW keyer built in, so it’s rare to find an external keyer anymore.

    Look at the MFJ-401D for an example of a keyer, keeping in mind that it won’t be needed if you purchase a modern radio once you get your General license.

    My paddle is the Bencher BY-1 (see I’ve had it for decades and it’s a great key.

    Note that if you’re using iambic keying (recommended!) you’ll need to get a dual-paddle.

    Good luck with your studying for your General and your CW studies!

    73, Dave, KEØOG

  2. Dave: I am a newbie. I have my Tech License & am studying for my Gen License. I am also trying to learn CW AGGGHH! I want to purchase a lambic paddle device (with sound) so I can practice. I have searched on the internet, ARRL, Amazon & e-Bay with minimal success. Obviously, I am just not looking in the right places. Any suggestions on where to find? Tks.
    Charlie BAGGETT
    Davie, FL

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