Ask Dave! Episode 11, Antenna-Related Questions

This Ask Dave episode addresses three common antenna-related questions. The first has to do with how to hang the coax from the center insulator in a dipole. The second deals with the inadequacies of rubber-duck antennas. The third has to do with materials for center insulators. Be sure to subscribe to receive notice of upcoming videos. The Ask Dave series answers your questions about ham radio, with emphasis on those new to the hobby. My channel, Ham Radio Answers, also includes a complete series of Tech, General, and Extra training videos that follow the ARRL license manuals.

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2 Responses to Ask Dave! Episode 11, Antenna-Related Questions

  1. Dave says:

    See Ask Dave Episode 5, here.

  2. KM4LUQ says:

    how can you tune a antenna with a SWR meter

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