Ask Dave Episode 14: The Anatomy of a CW QSO

The Ask Dave series answers your questions about amateur radio, with emphasis on those posed by newcomers to the hobby. This video breaks down a typical CW QSO of the type encountered by a CW beginner.

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2 Responses to Ask Dave Episode 14: The Anatomy of a CW QSO

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Nick, great idea! Watch for upcoming videos on the beacon network and reverse beacon networks. 73, Dave

  2. 'Nick' (Klaus D Ziemann), DK5OE says:

    Hi Dave!
    Some time ago I found your videos on Ham Radio and I love to see them.
    As you challenge your listeners to put questions or items on you for further episodes I feel encouraged to ask you to talk about ‘RBN Reverse Beacon Network’, what it is, who it works and how to use it. Thanks!
    I live in Westmecklenburg, Germany have been a ham since 1970. Born in 1035. I used to be a SSB op, but since 2 years I only work in CW with 10 watts (K2 and KX3). Although I still be a newby in this mode I like it.
    73 Nick DK5OE

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